Liferay Commerce

New in Liferay
Commerce 2.1


Improved Subscription Management

Offer subscription plans with flexible control over the subscription intervals and billing schedule. Set up specific plan types to be used across your catalog to better match how your customers prefer to replenish their products.

Buyer-Defined Product Bundles

Allow buyers to select multiple products and bundle them together for products that are interdependent. For instance, support a customer who buys a mobile phone and service plan where the price of the phone is dependent on the plan the customer chooses. 

Improved Administration Experience

Liferay Commerce 2.1 features an updated administration interface that makes the day-to-day work of managing a commerce site easy and efficient.
  • View transaction history for payments
  • Assign orders to users for approval
  • See and manage shipments on each order
  • View and manage product inventory