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Site and Content Management

Multi-Store — Manage multiple store sites or channels from one account.

Multi-Site Catalogs — Support multi-site, multi-catalog commerce models.

Access Rights — Share common user roles and permissions across sites.

Guest Checkout — Allow buyers to make purchases without requiring them to have an account.

Content-Rich Product Pages — Offer additional information such as detailed discount information, product specifications, and related guides or brochures.

Scheduled Content — Draft content and schedule for publication with set expiration dates to support limited discounts and seasonal sales.

Content Previews — Preview content across devices for consistent, omnichannel experiences.

Menus — Add pages and menus easily with site navigation and hierarchy tool.

Product Content Management

Product Types — Sell physical products, subscription-based products, services, product bundles, and digital goods.

Product Options — Create simple and grouped products with variations such as color or size.

Attachments — Add downloadable product datasheets, user guides and articles to product pages.

Previews and Samples — Enable previews or samples for digital goods.

Exploded Product Views — Add exploded product views to complex items with mapping to individual parts.

Customization — Offer personalization such as engraving or embroidery.

Product Categories — Assign products to multiple categories.

Product Availability — Manage inventory with support for back-ordered items and behavior for low inventory, as well as out-of-stock display and messaging.

Order Quantities — Set minimum, maximum and multiple order quantities for each product.

SKU Generator — Auto-generate SKUs for every product variant.

Option Templates — Create templates for product options that can be reused across categories.

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Catalog and Product Browsing

Page Builder — Drag-and-drop page creation with dozens of applications out of the box.

Elasticsearch — Offer faceted search and filtering for more effective product browsing and discovery. Learn about Liferay Enterprise Search

Content-Based Product Recommendations — Automatically recommend related products based on product content such as specifications, description and categorization.

User-Based Product Recommendations — Encourage cross-selling by automatically recommending products that other customers bought, based on the product that a customer is currently viewing.

Also-Bought Product Recommendations — Offer more personalized recommendations by showing customers what other customers who are similar to them also bought.

Product Relationships — Show customers product families and related products.

Product Trials — Offer product previews for virtual products, such as a trial download or a PDF.

Comparisons — Enable users to add products to compare as they browse from the catalog or product page. The product comparison page surfaces detailed product information such as dimensions and price.

Wish Lists — Allow customers to save products to wish lists for easy reference.

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Checkout Page — Display order information such as date, payment method, total and customer account information.

Clear Cart — Clear individual or all items from cart.

Cart Validation — Require customer information such as name and shipping address, and display an error message if invalid information is used.

Order Summary — Display order summary with order total, product image, product amounts, total cost and payment method.

Notes — Allow customer service representatives to add private notes to orders.

Confirmations — Customize the order confirmation message once the purchase is processed.

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Pricing and Discounts

Account Groups — Create account groups and target price lists, discounts or promotions to each group.

Contract Pricing — Apply contract pricing to individual customers or accounts with price lists.

Customer-Specific Catalogs — Control which products different buyers can purchase with account-specific catalog views.

Customized Pricing — Override default product prices with price lists, promotional pricing, and discounts.

Scheduled Pricing — Schedule publication and expiration dates for price lists, promotions, and discounts.

Gross Pricing — Allow sellers to display product prices as either net (excluding tax) or gross (including tax).

Subscriptions — Offer subscription plans with flexible control over the subscription intervals and billing schedule.

Discounts — Add discounts by percentage or fixed amounts.

Discount Rules — Trigger discounts based on cart total, related products in the same order or previous purchases.

Discount Limits — Limit discounts or promotions by number of users who can claim them or number of times a single user can claim them.

Bulk Pricing — Enable bulk pricing with discount rules and display the total with the discount applied on the product page.

Coupons — Generate custom coupon codes.

Payments and Tax Management

Exchange Rates — Manually define exchange rates or pull rates from an external service.

ECB Integration — Integrate with the European Central Bank out of the box for automatic updates to exchange rates.

Measurement Units — Manage measurement units for global stores.

Tax Rates — Set tax rate by address or fixed rate.

Tax Categories — Support for multiple tax categories for products.


Shipment Methods — Specify shipment methods, carriers and warehouses.

Tracking Numbers — Add shipment user info and tracking numbers.

Multi-Warehouse — Support for multiple warehouses.

Inventory Rules — Pull inventory based on warehouse closest to customer or based on other customized rules.

Inventory Management — Manage inventory within Liferay Commerce or connect to an external system; choose which inventory engine to use on a product level.

Shipping Dates — Display shipping date and expected date for your customers.

Variable and Flat Rate — Offer variable rate or flat rate shipping.

Order Management

Order Dashboard — Offer customers a simple dashboard for open, pending and completed orders.

Account Orders — Allow business buyers to see all the orders on their account.

Order Information — Display important order information such as date, payment method and associated shipments.

Buyer Workflows — Integrate automated workflows or assign orders to users for approval.

Payment History — View payment history and status for each order.

Email Notifications — Alert customers via email as the status of their order changes, with customizable notification templates.

Order Forecasts — Offer automatic order forecasts based on historical data to help customers manage capital and inventory.

OMS Integration — Integrate with external order management systems; pull in external order statuses and share with the customer in a consolidated view for a seamless customer experience.

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Account and User Management

Account Management — Empower customers to manage their own accounts, including user management and purchase workflows.

Account Information — Allow customers to add and update account information for the organization, such as contact information and shipping addresses.

User Management — Add, search and filter members of each account.

Password Requirements — Define detailed password requirements and allow users to reset passwords as needed.

Addresses — Store multiple shipping addresses that can be quickly chosen during the checkout process.

Sales and Service Rep Support

Sales and Service Roles — Allow sales and service reps to add and edit orders, apply promotions and take other actions on customer accounts.

Loyalty Score Alerts — Track the health of each account with smart alerts that detect dips in purchasing trends, signaling that they are at risk of churning.

Dashboards — View real-time dashboards for each account, including KPIs and account-specific info such as order forecasts and purchase history.

Sales Network Management — Manage many-to-many account relationships and visualize according to your organization’s structure.

Support for Global Sites

Regional Sites — Define which countries, languages and currencies are supported for each site.

Multicurrency — Support multicurrency across the site.

Localizations — Easily add localizations for most content, including product information and web page content.

User Locations — Detect user location based on IP Address and automatically display the site in the correct language.

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Headless Commerce — Use Liferay Commerce as a headless platform with a set of REST APIs that follow the OpenAPI standard.

Integration Manager — Administrators can schedule and monitor their Liferay Commerce connectors and data integration jobs from within their Liferay DXP instance.

ESB Integration — Integrate with other business systems through a Mulesoft connector or Talend component.

Payment and Shipping Integrations — Integrate with FedEx, PayPal and out of the box. Easily add integrations with other payment gateways or shipping providers through customization.

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