DXP Cloud

Enterprise PaaS Tailored for Liferay DXP

Introducing Liferay DXP Cloud

Meet the newest way for enterprises to deploy and manage Liferay DXP. Launch your website with a secure, reliable PaaS solution that provides autoscaling, development tools, environments, monitoring and much more, all designed with years of in-house Liferay expertise.

Focus on What Matters

Simplify infrastructure management, saving IT resources for the highest business priorities.

Deliver With Confidence

Rest on Liferay best practices refined over thousands of mission-critical deployments.

Evolve Faster

Achieve faster time to market with enterprise tools that boost developer productivity.

Security is the core of our business.

Deploy your project with confidence and peace of mind on Liferay DXP Cloud. In addition to being ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified, our platform follows a robust program with strict policies and controls so that you can rest assured that your Liferay DXP deployment is secure on the cloud.

Trustworthy Performance for Your DXP Project

We Love IT

We Love IT

Resource Allocation

Quickly define and adjust how much computing power you need as your digital strategy evolves, including designating the number of CPU processors, amount of memory, and number of instances for your services.

Dependency Management

Control the order that your applications deploy specific services to ensure that each project works as expected when deploying on Liferay DXP Cloud.

High Performance File Storage

Write and access a persistent file system so that you can keep your files in the same state even after re-deploying or restarting your services.

  1. {

  2. "id": "dxp",

  3. "cpu": 4,

  4. "memory": 16384,

  5. "scale": 2,

  6. "port": 8080,

  7. "dependencies": [

  8. "database",

  9. "elasticsearch"

  10. ],

  11. "volumes": {

  12. "data": "/opt/liferay/data"

  13. }

  14. }

    _ _

Liferay DXP Cloud is currently available in the Americas.

To learn when it will be available in other regions, please talk to our sales team.

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