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What’s New & Improved in Liferay DXP 7.2

New & Improved Features

Scale your digital transformation with improved personalization, headless architecture and streamlined business processes on the latest version of Liferay DXP.

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Create Experiences

Create engaging and powerful experiences that are tailored to your customers’ needs with improved authoring capabilities and reusable fragment creation on the latest version of Liferay DXP.

Streamlined Content Authoring — Structured content no longer requires a display template upon creation, streamlining the process of content authoring.

In-Context Web Experience Creation — Empower marketers and other business users to create visually pleasing pages with a fraction of the effort. Drag and drop to create page layouts with content, fragments and widgets. These page elements are all easily configurable. Map content to individual sections on a page, and see it all in context of how it would look live.

Structured Content Improvements — Manage and create different content models and web content for your use case-specific content management system needs.

User-Friendly Content Authoring Interface — Configuration options are now separated from the structured content authoring experience for a more friendly authoring interface.

Easy Content Modeling Interface — Easily create and manage content models for your web content through Web Content Structures.

Asset Publisher Improvements — Dynamically display any piece of content, such as images, blogs, documents and web content, either through a set of publishing rules or by manual selection. Improvements made in configuration allows for better management of content display.

Visibility Into Web Content Usages — Easily view where your web content is being used and reused across your channels.

Content Previews — Preview content within an associated display page, a page before publication in a fragment and a Widget Page in the draft form.

Fragments Toolkit — Allow front-end developers to code fragments in their own code editors and upload without the need to redeploy through a CLI tool.

A/B Testing — Content creators can use A/B testing to create and customize tests to evaluate which elements on Content Pages perform better and edit content accordingly, allowing your business to make more informed decisions. This functionality is available through connecting with Liferay Analytics Cloud. Learn More >

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Personalize Experiences

Building successful customer experiences requires powerful personalization capabilities. Deliver targeted experiences to audience segments created according to user behavior, attributes and custom fields with Liferay DXP.

More Session Rules — Target unauthenticated visitors based on cookies, device, URL, geolocation and locale. New session rules allow for more customized personalization and content for website visitors.

Content Sets — Easily create sets of content for reuse across multiple pages (e.g., a “Related Content” set). Add targeting to personalize sets of content to any specific visitor to your page.

Content Recommendations — Content recommendations leverages interest models generated in Liferay Analytics Cloud to recommend content on Liferay DXP. The option to do so is available through Content Sets and will automatically start filtering content based on interest keywords. Liferay Analytics Cloud utilizes AI to cluster topics and model long-term interest for known and unknown visitors. Keywords are taken from the categories, tags and keywords of content.

Experiences — Easily personalize anything on a page for different audience segments through the page editor.

Segmentation Revamp — Segmentation capabilities have been moved into the core DXP platform so all content and applications can leverage segmentation to provide personalized experiences. This greatly improves the capabilities provided originally in Audience Targeting and further evolves the creation of segments. Advanced segmentation rules have been added based on feedback from customers and to have consistent functionality with the segmentation rules provided in Analytics Cloud.

Improved Rule Builder — Create complex rules to dynamically and efficiently segment visitors from your digital touchpoints and create more accurate segments of people.

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Go Headless

Give your developers the freedom to create any presentation layer and content creators the ease of traditional content management tools. Decoupled CMS features and a revamped API framework give you all the benefits of a flexible UI without compromising on content management scale.

Content Delivery APIs — Empower front-end developers to deliver richer, faster and more responsive user experiences. Front-end developers can use their native tools and frameworks to build sites. These APIs provide access to structured content, DM, categories, keywords and more.

Content Management APIs — Enable developers to easily manage content.

Content Participation APIs — User participation interactions are necessary for community sites, portals and intranets. These APIs support these user interactions with comments and ratings.

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Do It at Scale

Make sure your digital platform is able to grow and evolve as your business expands. Let Liferay DXP reduce the amount of manual labor needed for handling bulk tasks so that your team can focus on what matters.

Auto-Tagging Through Machine Learning — Leverage third-party machine learning services to automatically add metadata and tags to Images, Web Content and Documents. This helps improve the searchability of assets and reduces the tedium of manually categorizing mass content. The improved metadata establishes the foundation needed for content personalization efforts.

Auto-Tagging API — Tag any asset with any service for your use case by leveraging an API built for extending auto-tagging functionality.

Automatic Versioning Policies — Enrich a document’s history and audit context with intelligent and definable versioning policies.

Improved Tool for Bulk Management — Manage digital assets and files at scale with an improved tool for bulk management of tags, categories and file operations like deletion and moving files.

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Streamline Business Operations

Make your operations more efficient for employees and more satisfying to fulfill customer expectations. Optimize business processes with forms, workflows and APIs.

Workflow Metrics — Workflow metrics is a new functionality on Liferay DXP 7.2 that helps users gain insight into how long certain workflow events take to complete. The analytics and metrics generated can help you understand the throughput performance of your processes in a given timeframe, allowing users to better optimize their processes on Liferay DXP.

Online Document Editing — Create and edit documents directly with the help of a Google Docs editing interface.

P2P Asset Sharing — Easily share assets among users to enhance collaboration.

Preview Generation — Automatically generate a full document preview within the DAM interface.

Improved Version Storage for Documents — Configure the maximum number of versions stored. Optimize disk space usage when the file is not modified, this helps save on storage space and improves performance.

Improved Dashboard and APIs for Identity Management — Tackle the inevitably tedious task of handling personal data erasure requests with new improvements to the management dashboard and APIs. Simplify bulk deletion and anonymization during the review process through logical hierarchies for assets. Provide greater context when reviewing personal data with filtering and scoping capabilities across Liferay DXP. Inform administrators of which applications will automatically delete or anonymize data during the auto-anonymization process. This ensures compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws.

Office 365 ™ Integration — Manage documents, presentations and spreadsheets in Office 365 ™ with the power that the suite provides and store them in Liferay DXP’s document repository for future access. This feature will be able to take advantage of the existing permissions system, versioning and sharing capabilities that it is already included with Liferay DXP 7.2.

Speed up Development

Empower your developers with the support they need to build, maintain and manage Liferay DXP. These improved tools can help developers accelerate time to market and tailor the platform to your business needs.

Upgrade Tool Improvements — A revamped Upgrade Tool simplifies the upgrade process from previous versions of Liferay. The standalone tool lets system administrators restart failed upgrades, reducing the time spent troubleshooting.

Frontend Toolkits Updates — A set of tooling that Liferay created to help developers use NPM in their projects so that they can deploy them to Liferay DXP and see everything working seamlessly with little effort. These toolkits help developers create, update and maintain themes built on Liferay DXP as well as help produce an OSGi bundle containing the needed NPM dependencies so that it can be run when deployed to Liferay DXP.

Themes Toolkit (formerly "Themes SDK") — This is a set of NPM packages designed to help create, update and maintain Liferay Themes. This toolkit comes with a Yeoman generator and set of Gulp tasks, dedicated to helping your developer create, build and deploy themes on Liferay DXP.

Bundle Toolkit (formerly "NPM SDK Bundle") — A tool to process a Liferay portlet project to produce an OSGi bundle containing the needed NPM dependencies so that it can be run when deployed to Liferay DXP.

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