solutions: Employee portals

Share, Collaborate, and Communicate on One Consistent Platform

Keep everyone in your organization productive, self-sufficient, and connected with a modern employee portal.

Organize All Essential Information in One Spot

Don’t make employees search for what they need to be productive. Provide one location where they can get the latest communications, resources and tools they need to feel connected.
  • Provide one location where they can get the latest communications, resources, and tools they need to feel connected.
  • Allow employees to update their own personal information.
  • Give employees the ability to access pay stubs, benefits, and other common HR info.
  • Personalize and localize communications for employees in different regions.
  • Allow your marketing team to create and manage a modern intranet on a unified platform.

Make it Easy for Employees to be Self-Sufficient

Your employees shouldn’t have to wait for answers to basic questions. Empower them to find their own answers or update their own information without needing to ask for help.

  • Allow employees to easily share information, content, and best practices across disparate locations
  • Foster collaboration through blogs, forums, and online chat
  • Enable online learning and rapid onboarding of new employees
  • Provide forums or groups where employees can answer each others’ questions
  • Measure portal adoption and find areas for improvement with integrated analytics
In four months we had a 20% increase in sessions, a 9% increase in sessions per user, a 40% increase in page views, and a 24% reduction in bounce rate. In 90 days our numbers solidified our investment completely.
Stacy Papp

Lower Operational Costs by Streamlining Manual Processes

Save your organization time and money by digitizing processes that were once manual. From signing up for benefits to ordering company gear, an employee portal can help your employees get what they need faster.
  • Allow employees to sign up for benefits and sign important documents electronically
  • Create a company store to provide branded swag and other key items for sales and marketing teams to use with customers and at events
  • Digitize transactions such as filling out timesheets, requesting days off, and asking for IT support

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