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Learn Why Liferay Is a Leader

Launch Your Digital Experiences Faster and More Securely in the Cloud

Liferay's flexible DXP-as-a-Service offering allows you to create, launch, and optimize digital solutions with the agility and convenience of SaaS. 

Get the Time and Resources Back to Do What Matters

Let your team focus on delivering strategic initiatives by letting Liferay handle your digital experience platform.  

With Liferay Experience Cloud, our team will not only manage and maintain the infrastructure and Liferay DXP application, but we will also apply updates, ensure your application is up-to-date, and autoscale to meet demand.  

Start accelerating time to market and decreasing the total cost of ownership with Liferay Experience Cloud.
  1. Service
    Liferay Experience Cloud (SaaS)
  2. Apply DXP Upgrades 
  3. Smoke Test Production Rollouts 
  4. Monitor Application Uptime
  5. Update/Maintain Auto-Scaling 
  6. Configurations
  7. Incident Response 
  8. Security Scan 
  9. Periodic SAST Tool
  10. Maintenance & Execution 
  11. Periodic DAST Execution 
  12. Production Release Management
  13. Support & Troubleshooting
✔ = Managed by Liferay 

Leverage Cloud Platform and Services Optimized for 
Liferay DXP 

The best way to launch Liferay DXP is through our secure and reliable enterprise cloud platform that provides the infrastructure and tooling to deploy and manage tailored digital solutions. Customers can leverage Liferay DXP with:
  • Liferay Experience Cloud, our SaaS offering, that empowers customers to focus on business processes and time-to-value while still providing powerful customization capabilities.
  • Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed, our PaaS offering, that gives customers the ability to directly manage their solution lifecycle with built-in CI/CD, automated backups, monitoring, and alerts.

Launch on a Solid Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure is built on world-class technology to ensure business continuity and excellent performance. 
Liferay Cloud uses the GCP POP Network and the GKE Ingress to allow and improve web traffic coming from ISP networks. The implementation grants the platform a sophisticated form of DDoS protection, CDN, loading balancing, and WAF.
Liferay Cloud uses Kubernetes to automate, scale, and manage service Docker container images. The implementation allows the platform to isolate stacks of services into network groups, and enables flexible traffic access.

Extend the Platform

Customers can build, manage, and monitor custom apps and extensions on top of the Liferay platform, on both cloud offerings.  

This allows customers to save time by not only empowering developers to use whatever framework they prefer to quickly build the solutions they need, but also allowing them to manage and monitor their apps directly through Liferay DXP.

Launch amazing digital experiences securely and worry-free in the cloud!