Help users find the information they need faster

Save users time with personalized, integrated, and organized search results


Enable users to quickly find the information they need on their own

Reduce the time it takes for users to find what they need with Liferay's native search capabilities.

Full-Text Search

Enable users to search for keywords and phrases within various types of content, including articles, documents, images, videos, and more.

Cross-site Search

Save visitors time by allowing them to search for information across multiple websites in one place.

Synonyms & Spellcheck

Ensure users receive relevant results even when they use slightly different terms or mistype a word.


Organize more relevant search results for your users

Instead of making users scroll through irrelevant search results, surface more relevant and useful search results directly.

Faceted Search

Allow users to narrow down searches using filters or facets such as categories, tags, and other metadata attributes.

Federated Search

Enable users to search across a wide range of sources, by integrating databases, external APIs, or third-party content repositories.

Prioritized Results

Prioritize search results based on relevance and ranking, based on factors like keyword match, popularity, recency, and user behavior.


Surface search results that make sense for your users

Tailor search results based what is actually useful to your users.

Personalized Search

Deliver personalized search results based on user profiles, preferences, and past interactions.

Search Suggestions

Provide suggestions based on popular search terms, previously entered queries, or relevant content.

Applied AI

Use AI to customize search results based on previous search history and what others in a similar role have searched for.

Reduce the time your users spend searching.

Case Study

Unified 68 Legacy Sites

Learn how the Department of Education of Western Australia was able to reduce search time using one site.

Case Study

66% Reduced Clicks

See how Broadcom is able to reduce customer support costs by enabling customers to find the information they need on their own.

Case Study

53% Increase in Web Traffic

Find out how Qatar Stock Exchange improved user experience and increased customers with a more easily searchable website.

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