Build an Intranet that Brings Out the Best in Your Employees

Your employees deserve an experience that was made for their needs.
Case Study

Team Global Express Rolls Out Intranet Solution in 4 Weeks

New cloud-based intranet centralizes communication and enables self-service for 11,000 employees.


Deliver Information and Pages Customized for Your Employees

Don't let your intranet just be another tool employees are frustrated to use. Instead, tailor an employee solution that actually matches what your employees need. Start by delivering content and pages that they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Permission According to Roles

Create custom roles based on your employee structure and assign permissions accordingly. Ensure that employees only have access to the information and resources they need to do their work.

Personalize Content and Pages

Dynamically change the layout of an employees' intranet to display content, tools, and news that is relevant to their role, user attributes, location, and behavior.

Knowledge Sharing 

Help Employees Find What They Need Easily 

While intranets can often act as a single source of truth, it's difficult for employees to actually find the information they need. Liferay provides robust asset management and search capabilities out of the box to empower employees to access what they need.

Manage Assets Easily 

Help employees find the documents and resources they need faster with Liferay’s native DAM capabilities that allow you to organize information by subject, topic, and other attributes automatically. 

Find Information Faster 

Empower employees to find the information they need on their own with knowledge bases, FAQs, forums, and wiki pages.

Personalized Search

Liferay provides powerful search tools that will help surface personalized search results based on an employee's user profile, preferences, and past interactions with the platform.


Connect to Systems You Already Use

Pull in data and process from external technologies you already use to serve your employees, surfacing relevant information within a single interface to bring greater visibility and save employees time.

Use Native Connectors

To expedite integration, Liferay provides a library of native connectors to commonly used systems such as Salesforce, Google Drive, and Microsoft365.

Build Custom Integrations

Leverage Liferay’s collection of APIs and integration tools to connect to other systems. By doing so you can quickly provide employees with access to paystubs, benefit information, training materials and other resources they need.


Easily Update Your Intranet

Easily keep your intranet up to date, without needing to ask IT for help.

Accelerate Content Creation 

Create, edit, and manage pages using Liferay's industry-leading CMS to deliver employees the most up to date information and resources.

No Code Needed

Build forms, workflows, and applications with low-code and no-code functionality to accelerate business processes.

Standardize Content and Design

Configure and display assets on different pages by leveraging web content structures, templates, and fragements.

Cross-Industry Effectiveness with Liferay

Organizations in manufacturing, public sector, and other industries use Liferay to increase internal efficiency.

Public Sector

The City of Vienna centralized the entire city's information system.

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Klabin increase employee engagement by building a single source of truth. 

Employee Satisfaction
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Jose Cuervo personalized communication and content for each employee. 


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