Build and deliver personalized digital experiences anywhere

Empower your teams to deliver customized pages and sites on any device or channel.


Learn how to build engaging sites with Liferay experience management


Create relevant digital experiences faster

With Liferay’s out-of-the-box tools, you can design personalized experiences across multiple channels and devices more easily.

Page Editor

Use drag-and-drop visual Page Editor to create, arrange, and preview content elements on pages without coding.


Leverage predesigned and reusable page fragments to quickly build new pages, without coding.

Style Books

Ensure new pages follow approved branding by using style guides and approved page templates.

SEO features

Improve SEO with friendly URL configuration, customized metadata and tags, and XML.


Personalize content and pages based on user’s attributes, behaviors, and preferences, to deliver experiences tailored to each of your segments.

Localization framework

Localize experiences with multi-language support, auto-translation, and support for world currencies and locale-specific fields, like dates.


Manage multiple sites and pages from a single platform

Consistent tools and reusable resources make it easy for teams to rapidly launch several new experiences.

Role-Based Control

Control which users can view, edit, and publish pages and content with role-based permissions

Version Management

Draft, review, and publish changes with Versioning. Roll back to previous versions of pages and content if needed.

Workflow Customization

Customize page and site approval workflows to streamline publishing and approval processes.


Test and optimize pages and sites with out-of-the-box analytics capabilities

Monitor and improve site performance by leveraging:

Native Analytics

Native analytics tools to track and measure content and page performance. Track behavior, engagement, and performance metrics.

A/B Testing

Built-in A/B testing capabilities allow users to experiment with different variations of their digital experiences to determine which performs better.

Page Audits

Use page audits tool to ensure your pages are optimized for search engine indexing, visibility, and accessibility.

Build better digital experiences with Liferay

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