Enterprise. Open Source. For Life.

Our Mission

By building a vibrant business, making technology useful, and investing in communities, we make it possible for people to reach their full potential to serve others.


Our Core Values

Produce Excellence

We give our best efforts to get excellent results that stand in the market. But the process is also important: we won't betray our values just to get the job done.

Lead by Serving

Leadership is a calling to serve others and stay humble. Our people lead by example, regardless of position or title.

Value People

People are inherently valuable. Therefore, we respect people, invest in relationships, and celebrate one another.

Grow and Get Better

It's not about being better than someone else, but being better than you were yesterday. We seek to learn and grow from every single experience.

Stay Nerdy

We enjoy the unique personalities that we have at Liferay. We encourage our people to share their interests, have fun, and be comfortable being themselves.

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Liferay makes software that helps companies create digital experiences on web, mobile and connected devices.

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