Secure, Flexible and Efficient Solutions for Manufacturers

Empower your customers, support your suppliers and make your employees more productive. Tailor streamlined experiences to your manufacturing-specific needs on our flexible platform.


Manufacturing Excellence – 5 Inspiring B2B Solutions Built with Liferay

Discover how manufacturers meet customer expectations through Liferay's solutions


Drive Revenue and Increase Customer Loyalty With Digital Experience Solutions for Manufacturers

Customer Self-Service Portal

Leverage self-service and personalization on a flexible customer portal that automates business processes, streamlines complex B2B ordering, and keeps your customers operational.

Supplier & Distributor Portal

Connect your procurement teams, account payable teams, and supply chain managers with a unified workspace that automates processes and provides effective collaboration tools and self-service features.

Employee Portal

Increase productivity and foster collaboration with an intranet that unifies all systems, tools, and data on a single platform, enabling your employees to easily share knowledge and communicate in real-time.

Public Website

Build websites that connect your prospects and customers to relevant products, content, and services. Ensure brand consistency and offer support for multi-product, multi-region, and multi-language customization.

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Simplify Business Tasks with Self-Service

Reduce your cost-to-serve by empowering customers, suppliers, and distributors.

Customer Self-Service

Manage their own accounts, track orders, and process returns

Fast Information Access

Find answers quickly through powerful search capabilities, knowledge bases and help centers.

Autonomous Problem Solving

Execute maintenance tasks and resolve routine issues autonomously


Digital Transformation from HR: Jose Cuervo Employee Experience


Delight Your Audience with Smart Personalization

Create user segments to personalize site experiences that help your customers with:

Servicing Your Equipment

Plan maintenance based on equipment portfolios, service records, and detailed product information, consolidated in a customized dashboard

Preventive Maintenance

Display equipment usage and receive proactive service recommendations to prevent costly breakdowns and repairs


Access personalized content, actions, information

Curated Onboarding

Go through onboarding workflows aligned to their preferences

Enhanced Productivity

Increase productivity with tailored notifications and recommendations


Automate Your Business Processes

Enhance customer satisfaction, improve sales efficiency, and keep employees self-sufficient with best-in-class automation functionalities.

Speed up and Simplify

Leverage workflows using existing customer data to automate processes like warranty claims and onboarding, increasing productivity, and accuracy

Easy Purchasing

Simplify procurement through automated multi-approval workflows

Low Code

Create applications, construct new pages, and automate onboarding processes with ease by utilizing low-code tools

Fast Time-to-Market

Accelerate time-to-market and reduces costs with advanced support for complex business models like Equipment-as-a-Service


Digital Workplace in the Cloud Increased Employee Productivity

Products Available
User Adoption
User Satisfaction

Robust Integration for Unified Experiences

Extend the value of your legacy tech and simplify the user experience by connecting all systems and applications through our powerful integration framework:

Experience Orchestration

Establish a unified experience layer and simplify complex processes by providing a centralized hub for accessing existing tools and technologies

Connect Disparate Systems

Save time and resources and provide buyers with seamless ordering experiences by integrating disparate and disconnected systems, removing tech and data silos, and connecting existing technologies and tools like EDIs, ERPs, and PIMs

Simplified Authentication

Implement robust Single-Sign-On (SSO) with versatile authentication methods, supporting SAML, LDAP, OpenID, OAuth, and more

Powerful API Support

Expedite data access, bolster development, and overcome potential obstacles by leveraging potent APIs based on the OpenAPI Specification


Share, Collaborate, and Communicate on One Platform

Keep everyone in your organization productive, self-sufficient, and connected.

Unified Workspace

Create a single shared workspace by unifying communication and collaboration channels

Productivity Hub

Increase productivity by organizing and sharing training materials, support resources, and best practice information in one place

Tailored Search

Help customers, suppliers, and employees find relevant information quickly with more relevant and tailored search results

Collaboration Boost

Foster collaboration through employee online forums, blogs, and online chat, elevating engagement and satisfaction levels