Liferay DXP 7.4 is now available!
Power your digital transformation with these powerful new capabilities
Instructor-led Training

Deploy Liferay Software to the Cloud

 Learn how to build and deploy your Liferay stack efficiently.

Version DXP 7.3 | Length 2 Days

Key Takeaways
  • Intro to DXP Cloud
  • Learn about Liferay DXP Stack
  • Monitor with Liferay DXP Cloud

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What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering for Liferay DXP

    • DXP Cloud

    • Introduction to Containerization with Docker

    • Creating Docker Images for your Liferay DXP Stack

  • Provisioning Your Liferay DXP Stack

    • Containers

    • Volumes

    • Search

    • Provisioning Containers

  • Configure Your Liferay DXP Stack

    • Configurations from the UI

    • Modifying Config and Properties Files

  • Monitor and Secure Your Platform

    • Monitoring the Platform

    • Backup and Recovery

    • Maintaining the Platform with Fixpacks and Hotfixes

    • Platform Security

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