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solutions: modern intranets

Modernize Your
Intranet Strategy

Liferay's modern intranets help your business run more efficiently, better address the needs of an evolving workforce, and drive consistency in service delivery for employees across the world.
#1 For b2e use cases

Liferay DXP received the highest score among evaluated vendors for B2E use cases in Gartner’s 2021 Critical Capabilities for Digital Experience Platforms.

Modernize for Today's Workforce

Liferay’s modern intranets enable you to face the challenges of today’s evolving workplace.
  • Increase productivity for in-office, remote, and deskless employees.
  • Reduce information overload and context switching.
  • Enhance employee experience by providing engaging user-centered experiences at work.
  • Preserve institutional knowledge and rapidly onboard new employees.

Drive Enterprise Wide Consistency Through Communication

Ensure field employees are upholding consistent standards of product and service delivery.
  • Enable employees in field locations (retail, branches, franchises) to deliver a consistent customer experience and a product that meets corporate standards.
  • Provide an official repository of information for employees to access.
  • Allow employees to easily share information, content, & best practices across disparate locations.
  • Personalize communications for job roles, teams, and locations.
I see Liferay as being the cornerstone for our digital ecosystem. It is integral to our future and the digital environment our employees experience every day, whether they’re in the store or in the office.
Dante Ragazzo

Optimize Business Operations

Liferay Intranet solutions go beyond the usual communications and collaboration capabilities and help you reduce the time, and associated cost, for employees to run your business.
  • Reduce operational costs by digitizing manual and paper-based processes and free employees to work on higher value projects.
  • Identify bottlenecks and gaps in employee work to streamline business operation.
  • Resolve employee needs quickly so they're able to serve customers well.
Modern Intranets

Create a solution that will empower the entire workforce.

Liferay has a long track record of successfully helping customers deliver great experiences for their employees.

How Liferay Intranet Solutions are Different

When employees have productive, effective, and engaging experiences, they’re more equipped to create better outcomes for customers in a consistent way regardless of where they are working in the world.
Consumer-like user-centered experiences that make it easier for employees to get things done.
Full-fledged web content management built in as an integral part of the platform.
Business friendly tools for quick creation of modern sites and pages without IT involvement.
Technology that fits in with your existing IT stack and integrates with anything.
Cloud first yet available on-premise: deploy in the manner that best suits your business needs.
Liferay DXP is a scalable platform that lets you get more value out of your investment over time.

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